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FTR Systems Takes the Bronze at the EV Taiwan Show

FTR Systems’ Asia branch, Passion Mobility, won an innovation award in April for its newly developed (and still under development) product, the U-Kart.  The U-Kart faced steep competition, competing against over 100 other products in four different product categories.  Competition was by invite only and presented before a review board.

The U-Kart concept is a platform system using FTR core technologies for product development.  Employing reduced electronics and a slimmer battery design, the U-Kart uses electric motors capable of moving up to 500 pounds of load weight.  Onboard sensors allow the cart to follow the user for commercial applications and programmable software can be employed to allow for line tracking or locating work stations on a shop floor or warehouse environment.

Sales and Marketing Director, Leon Liu received the award on behalf of Passion Mobility.

Passion Mobility went on to present the U-Kart and their other products including the CaddyTrek and Mogobike over the next four days at the EV Technology Show.  The trade show is one of the largest in the world, showcasing the newest in electric vehicles, as well as auto parts, accessories, motorcycles available from Asia manufacturers. Held in Taipei, Taiwan, the show (now in its 6th year) brings in visitors from across Europe, Asia and Australia.

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When folding the CaddyTrek unit, use your thumbs to pull the sensor wires outward as shown. This will lessen the chances of potential damages that may be caused to the sensors from getting pinched or severed.

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