2015 Masters Tournament


Author: Charlie Palmer
The 2015 Masters Tournament

We are officially into the month of April and with that comes one of golf’s greatest annual events—The Masters.

Who will win the right to wear the green jacket this year? Last year’s winner, Bubba Watson, racked up a four-day total of 280, winning the honor to wear the jacket and carry the title for the 2014 year. Much remains at stake with a nine million dollar purse, 600 Fed Ex Cup points and the right to defend in 2016.

Tiger Woods, out of golf’s Top 100 list for the first time, was reported playing a practice round at Augusta to determine if he’ll be in the field this year as the decision to accept the invite is still up in the air.

Who will walk down eighteen on the final round ahead of the field? Jordan Spieth, the favorite to win has clearly been a hot player as of late. Rory McIlroy may have his game together come the day of the tourney, ready to challenge the course and the field.

Last season’s champion seldom repeats, his place taken by a new champion. Who can you see or want to see paired on Sunday in the final two? Woods and Mickelson, Spieth and Reed, McIlroy and Fowler, Mickelson and Fowler, Adam Scott and Sergio?

No matter who is paired in the final twosome on the final round, one thing remains certain—The Masters is one of the most highly watched and rated golf events of the year. The Masters marks the first major tournament of the year, the springtime start for so many golfers to begin playing, both amateurs and professionals alike. It is the tradition, prestige and challenge that will keep the eyes of millions of viewers watching after teeing it up that morning on the weekend.

So if you have not dusted off the golf clubs over the course of the winter, go find the golf shoes, clean off the clubs, buy a new dozen balls, and check out a new CaddyTrek for your game this year. Enjoy the Masters tournament and good luck with all your rounds played this season. We’ll check back with you at the PGA Championship at the end of August and see what your handicap is at that time.