Born to Play, Made to Walk


Author: Charlie Palmer

Golfers are in many ways a different breed of folk no matter where in the world you play. There are those who believe they were born to play the game of golf. We can envy those with the “God Given” talent, some tour players, some your state champions and some your club champions. They make it look easy, never having formerly taken lesson or had a swing coach. You watch them tee it up and down the middle of the fairway 16 out of 18 holes.

These golfers may not look very athletic, but are usually thin and stylish. Their apparel and attire match their swing while their scores usually sit atop the leader boards. You can see it in their stride, how they walk, their steady confident pace. They walk down the first fairway knowing they just hit a great tee ball and will most likely land their next shot within six feet of the hole. They birdie and proudly walk to the next tee, ready to duplicate and not break a sweat.

Golf is a game invented way back when with the intent to walk the course. There were no golf carts – no electricity and certainly no gasoline powered carts. The game was made for sportsmanship, pride, proper conduct and etiquette. Golfers walked and they did it with intent.

You walk to feel the course, enjoy the moment, and socialize when possible. It is part of the game, how it was meant to be played. You don’t want to be the one riding a cart down the 18th to putt out for a win. You need to walk that 18th fairway, feel the onlookers, the crowd, and the followers. You want to walk up to that green with all eyes on you, knowing that this last hole will mark the moment of glory. You’re name goes on that winning check, that state trophy, that wall of champions in the clubhouse.

So why do we have golf carts? Who was the first golfer that felt they needed to break hundreds of years of tradition. Who had this idea to change the game as it was meant to be played? Who felt is necessary to have to have a cupholder in your golf cart for beers or drinks? Why do you think those other golfers are skinny, thin and looking athletic? They walk the course.

Well imagine this now, the game can still be played while walking. There can still be a cupholder for those drinks. Those golf clubs can still be transported but not by a golf cart and not by a human caddy. Imagine that walk down the 18th this August on the final round Sunday at your club championship. Everyone looking at you, maybe not even because you are on top of the leaderboard. But watching you because you are walking, smiling, in stride, enjoying the round as it was meant to be played – with your brand new CaddyTrek following behind you, carrying your bag, holding your bottle of water and scorecard. Or wait, now this season it could be walking ahead of you, approaching the green just before you like a good caddy should – walking in pace. So who are they really watching? You or your new CaddyTrek? Play the game and see.