New CaddyTrek Version to Offer Improved Function


Author: Charlie Palmer
Marching mode coming soon!

New for 2015, FTR Systems releases the CaddyTrek R2. The newest model offers improved functionality for users through a firmware upgrade to be offered in April of 2015. In addition to some of the built in improvements such as a stronger 5th wheel design and improved handset function (see R2 product listing), owners of the R2 will be able to download a firmware package to enable the following new features.

Marching Mode

Go hands free as the unit tracks in front of the player. Clipping the handset into the front waistline allows the user to move forward while the cart maintains distance and angle to the user. In Marching Mode the player never loses sight of their bag or the next tee box.


Now team up with fellow CaddyTrek users as a group. The grouping features allows teams to synch their units together to enjoy uninterrupted signal communication among the group. Grouping eliminates signal interference that can sometimes occur from other units, allowing a team of players trouble-free operation of their individual CaddyTrek unit.

The company is working on plans to enable backwards compatibility for older units and will offer a downloadable update package as well as a complete service option, allowing users to send in their units for upgrades and service. Join the FTR Systems’ mailing list for updates.