Author: Keri Schmit

CaddyTrek on the Golf Channel
Look for CadddyTrek commercials on the Golf Channel next week in the Chicago area!

Accessories On The Way
We have new cup holders and scoreboard holders that are arriving in Mid-June.

CaddyTrek CT2000BA Tip
When folding the CaddyTrek unit, use your thumbs to pull the sensor wires outward as shown. This will lessen the chances of potential damages that may be caused to the sensors from getting pinched or severed.  

Get more tutorials about FTR CaddyTrek here.

Meet our staff

Robert – Film and Media Development


After earning a degree in Electronics Engineering, Robert worked with robotic land surveying equipment and GPS systems. Since migrating to Las Vegas, he found a passion for making indie movies which became a valuable experience upon joining the FTR team in 2013.  A truly versatile team member, Robert plays a part in all of FTR Systems’ media development. 



About Us
FTR CaddyTrek develops cutting-edge, convenient, and portable products with the intention of keeping people mobile. 
CaddyTrek aims to make a golfer’s game better than ever using smart technology. We aspire to deliver the most successful products and services with the mission of adding value to the lives of our customers. Tell us how we are doing at
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CaddyTrek: The Caddy That Follows You.

Trek Days: 
Team CaddyTrek is hitting the links!  Twice a month, CaddyTrek will be traveling to different golf clubs to meet players and demo the CaddyTrek. Feel free to say hello and take the CaddyTrek for a test run.
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