Author: Keri Schmit

“The only time my prayers are never answered is on the golf course” – Billy Graham

Introducing the CaddyTrek R2

The new CaddyTrek R2 model not only follows, but owners will soon be able to access new functionality, such as “Marching Mode.”  New handset operations such as a mute function will also be included in the latest release.  Read more about the new model and the upcoming firmware upgrade that provides all kinds of new goodies in addition to the functionality you love.

Weekly Golf Blog

Our resident golf geek, Richard Nagle, will be posting a weekly blog on the CaddyTrek website.  Richard is a PGA Pro and will share some of his insights on the game over the coming months.  This week, Rich talks about the upcoming Master’s Tournament

Golf Tip: Practice is Good for Your Game


Practicing your golf game is kind of like eating your vegetables.  You know it’s good for you, but it’s not very enjoyable.  Just as you’ll finish a whole steak and leave half your broccoli on the plate, it’s easy to skip the driving range and head for the first tee!

Ignoring practice in favor of all play will eventually catch up with you. You’ll fail to improve your weaknesses and you develop new skills or learn the intricacies of your swing. 

In short, your game will stagnate.  If you truly want to play better golf, then you need to increase your practice effort. To make your work worthwhile, set a plan…


1) Set a long-term goal – challenging but within your reach 

2) Break down your big goal – into smaller increments

3) Identify areas of your game – most in need of    


4) Make practice more fun – use golf drills

5) Track your progress – confirm your labor is paying off 


Don’t scoff – lots of people like vegetables, after all!

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