Author: Keri Schmit

“If you’re caught on a golf course during a storm and are afraid of lightning, 
hold up a 1-Iron.  Not even God can hit a 1-Iron” – Lee Trevino

Tips and Tricks
  1. If you are standing with your handset directly pointed between the sensors, it is possible to call your unit from up to ten feet.
  2. Remember to regularly go over the unit and tighten screws, nuts and bolts.  The movement of the unit over terrain can loosen fasteners over time.

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Top 5 Signs You Need to Replace Your Caddy with a CaddyTrek!

  1. Your new titanium driver is slathered with bacon drippings and stick-um.
  2. He wipes the mud off your ball with coarse #10 sandpaper.
  3. He suggests you shorten the hole by teeing off over the snake infested swampland.
  4. During your swing you hear him feverishly talking on his cell phone, but it’s only to the time-recording lady.
  5. He hands you a driver, 9 iron and putter and tells you “meet me on the next hole and don’t mess up!”

Meet Our Staff
Danny – Shipping and Inventory
Danny takes care of our shipping and inventory management.  A Nevada native, Danny plays guitar and bass and loves spending time with his family.  He’s a diehard 49ers fan–we try not to hold it against him–and enjoys snowboarding and golf.  His favorite player right now is Adam Scott.
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CaddyTrek aims to make a golfer’s game better than
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Customer Testimonial

I finally got my doctor to let me start playing golf again, so I took my CaddyTrek out recently and I’m happy to report that it performed great! 

It kept up with me at a fast walk just fine!  I am very pleased with my CaddyTrek and glad to be back out on the greens walking with my caddy! 

Ron – Massachusetts

Customer Service

Need parts or service for your CaddyTrek? Contact our support department and get the help you need! 
hours: 9-6 PDST
ph: (702) 982-6598.

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