Author: Keri Schmit

You can make a lot of money in this game. Just ask my ex-wives. Both of them are so rich that neither of their husbands work.” – Lee Trevino


The Top Richest Golfers
Rory McIlroy, $65 Million
This Northern Ireland golfer turned professional in 2007 and has won both the PGA tour and the European tour. He was just a year and a half old when he started.

Phil Mickelson, $180 Million
The American golfer achieved 9 European Tour titles, 42 PGA Tour titles, and was the Masters Tournament winner three times. He earned the PGA title in 2005.  

Gary Player, $200 Million
As the third most-winning golfer ever, Player has earned plaudits because of his unparalleled expertise and is one of the most adored and regarded of all PGA golfers. 

Jack Nicklaus, $280 Million
Professional golfer since 1961 with 10 Champions Tour Titles, 73 PGA Tour titles and four opening title wins. In 1974, he was drafted into the World Golf Hall of Fame.

Greg Norman, $300 Million
Australian golfer and business man was drafted into the Golf Hall of Fame in 2001 with over 90 professional triumphs. 

Tiger Woods, $600 Million
This American expert player achieved 40 European Tour titles and 79 PGA Tour titles in his career. He was the champion of Masters Tournaments and PGA’s player of the year 9 times.  He has the least scoring average ever!

Arnold Palmer, $675 Million
American golfer turned pro in 1954 with 62 PGA Tour wins, 10 Championship Tour wins, and 2 European Tour titles. In 1974 he was accepted into the World Golf Hall of Fame. He is thought to be one of the best golf players ever.

CaddyTrek Tip: Storing Your CaddyTrek

When golf season is over, storing your CaddyTrek for months at a time may be necessary.  Before storing your CaddyTrek, charge the main battery to a full 100% charge, then unplug. Store in a clean and dry indoor storage area. 

Do not remove the battery when charging.  Removing and resetting the battery too frequently runs the risk of damaging the battery connection. The battery will hold its charge for several months while storing. 

Just make sure to check the levels of both the CaddyTrek main battery and handset battery. Make sure they are both fully charged before taking your unit back out on the course.
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Never realized how much pulling or pushing a cart bothered my game until using the CaddyTrek.

Took just 9 holes to get used it. It’s a wonderful product!

Jesse – Connecticut

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