Author: Keri Schmit

“Concentration comes out of a combination of confidence and hunger.” – Arnold Palmer

The Latest in Golf News…

Eleven year old conquers Tiger Woods’ new golf course with a perfect hole-in-one shot.  Former champion, Tiger Woods, was beaten by the 11-year-old at the opening of his designed course in Houston.
Taylor Crozier from Corpus Christi, Texas, beat his hero over nine holes, finishing three shots ahead of Woods on two over par. Congratulations Taylor! 

Upcoming Golf Shows

The CaddyTrek R2 will be on display and in action at the following upcoming golf trade shows:

1) Golf Fest – The TaylorMade Experience
     Las Vegas, NV – Booth #B2
     May 6 – 7

2)  Haggin Oaks Golf Expo 

     Sacramento, CA – Booth #167

     April 29 – May 1

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CaddyTrek Tips: Sensors

When folding the CaddyTrek unit, use your thumbs to pull the sensor wires outward as shown in picture. This will lessen the chances of potential damages that may be caused to the sensors from getting pinched or severed.

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Customer Review

I bought my CaddyTrek over 3 years ago nd have been able to fully enjoy the pleasure of walking 18 holes, up and down hills. My CaddyTrek obediently follows me like a puppy, and I love being able to remote it off to wait for me near the next hole. I get my exercise walking 5 miles without the stress on my back from pushing a cart or carrying a golf bag. 
The customer support is awesome.  Thanks for the expedited service! All I need now is for my caddy to read my putts!

Doris – California

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