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Someone once told me that there was more to life than golf…
I think it was my ex-wife.” – Bobby Nichols

MASTERS 2017, Just 8 Months Away!

For those who like to gamble, listen up. According to recent reports, Tiger Woods’ Vegas odds of winning the 2017 Masters are 66-to-1 to win. An associate writer from Golf Digest wrote “when you compare the figure to the odds of other golfers, it seems absurd”. Stating the 41 year old, Woods, is recovering from multiple surgeries and sat out all four majors.
So who are the favorites to win? If you’re a fan of golf this is a no brainer, the Big 3, Jason Day, Rory McIlroy and Jordan Spieth. All are listed at 8-to-1. Let the bets begin, Masters 2017 is coming soon!

Caddywraps Are In!

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Don’t Let Back Pain Ruin Your Game

Many golfers whether amateur or pro will more likely suffer from back pain at sometime or another.  Below are some basic tips to help reduce back pain:
1. Walk the course whenever possible.
2. Take extra time to stretch and warm up.
3. Take practice swings throughout the round to keep your       muscles warm and limber.
 Don’t overuse the muscles on the driving range. 
5. Limit the time as this is the most common injury.
6. Talk to your golf pro. They can give you tips on how to 
    put less stress on your back by the way you swing.
7. Always bend your knees to tee your ball, replace divots 
    and fix ball marks – bending incorrectly can strain back.
8. Strength, flexibility and endurance are the three most  
    important things to keep in mind.

CaddyTrek Update: Charging the Battery

1. Carefully remove battery from the CaddyTrek unit.
2. Plug the charger into the battery’s charging port.
3. Then plug the other end into a power outlet.

4. Indicator light will change to red       indicating the battery is charging.
5. If the light does NOT turn red, 

    unplug the charger from power   
    outlet, wait 5 seconds, and then       plug charger back back in outlet. 
6. Let the battery charge over-night or for a min of 6 hrs.
7. Once fully charged, confirm there are 3 green lights.
8. Unplug the battery charger from the battery.
9. Carefully reinsert battery back into the CaddyTrek unit. 
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Joe – Florida

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