FTR CaddyTrek Newsletter, Vol 1, Issue 2


Author: Keri Schmit
Team CaddyTrek wishes everyone a great holiday season as we move into a new year.  We hope everyone enjoyed a great golf season and maybe even got a little better this year.

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New Product: CaddyTrek BigFoot

CaddyTrek is proud to announce that we are releasing a new product in 2014, the CaddyTrek BigFoot. The CaddyTrek BigFoot is designed as a rental unit for golf courses and comes with many of the same benefits as the CaddyTrek CT. 

  • Rugged, weather-resistant construction

  • Wider wheel base for extra stability

  • Three modes: follow, remote control, and manual

  • Multiple units easily stack together

  • Wider wheel base for added stability

  • Accessory gear box

PGA Merchandise Show, Orlando
CaddyTrek will be headed to Orlando for the PGA Merchandise Show held at the Orange County Exhibition Center. We will be at booth 3174.  Come by and say hello to Charlie, Richard and Jerry of Team CaddyTrek.  

PGA Show Demo Day:
Tuesday January 21: 9:00am – 5:00pm

PGA Show Days & Conference:
Wednesday, January 22: 8:30am – 6:00pm
Thursday, January 23: 8:30am – 6:00pm
Friday, January 24: 8:30am – 3:00pm


CaddyTrek CT2000BA Tip
To check the charge level on your CaddyTrek handset, first turn it on and simply hold the STOP button. Four lights means the charge is full, three lights means the charge is at 75%, two means 50%, and so on. When the OA light flashes and beeps, it means it’s time to charge your CaddyTrek handset.

Meet our staff

Candice – Media Specialist


Candice is a Nevada transplant, by way of Boston, New York City, and Beijing. She studied Anthropology at Fordham University. Previously a Chinese cooking instructor in Beijing for 5 years, she now has picked up a family interest in robots, gadgets, and gizmos. She can be found around Las Vegas riding her motorcycle or bicycle, going on rollercoasters, golfing, playing ultimate Frisbee, cooking, and/or snacking. She has not picked up her family’s talent for golf but aspires to be beginner-moderate by mid 2014.  To this date she has hit a par once and is very proud. 

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Trek Days 
Team CaddyTrek is hitting the links!  Twice a month, CaddyTrek will be traveling to different golf clubs to meet players and demo the CaddyTrek. Feel free to say hello and take the caddy for a test run.
Upcoming Trek Day Dates in Las Vegas:
December 5, 2013: 
Bali Hai Golf Club 10:30am-12pm
Black Mountain Golf and Country Club 10:30am-12pm
December 19, 2013:
Boulder City Golf Course 10:30am-12pm
Desert Pines Golf Club 10:30am-12pm