The Start of Another Golf Season


Author: Keri Schmit

start of a new season of golfAs we roll into April, the golf season for many in the U.S. is about to begin, as snow melts (finally), temperatures rise and green grass comes back to life. The winter months for many golfers in the US can be downright brutal if you reside in areas that bring winter snow and freezing temperatures. Many golf courses throughout the country close down and hibernate for the long winter. If you are fortunate enough to live in a warmer climate or have the ability to escape to those regions that enjoy mild to warm temps of fifty to eighty degrees, then golf can be played year round.

Getting into the swing

The large majority of golfers put the clubs away until winter leaves and spring brings yet another season. How difficult is it for many that have not played in almost four to five months, to begin again to try to find that golf swing, their putting stroke or that chip shot and all the different shots needed to play your round. First, a player needs to get their body prepared for the aches and pains of swinging a club, walking the course and the golfer’s diet. A lack of exercise or physical fitness in the off season makes it twice as difficult at the beginning of the season. If your age is up there like your golf scores, you might struggle to loosen up those muscles that took the winter months off.

Shaking off the dust

The game of golf presents so many variables involved in playing. The equipment, clothing, the courses you play, your partners and competition, the weather, techniques and so much more. How does one golfer manage to gather and assess all they played with last season and make it work or improve for the upcoming season?

Players watch the Golf Channel, videos, read books and take lessons how to play or improve their game. We buy new clubs, new shoes, new gloves, new balls and other devices or gadgets that will give us an edge. Does any of it help?

We have our golfing buddies, tournament partners, social circles especially for golf. Do any of these people inspire us or make us better?

Finding your stride

We love to watch The Masters, The US Open, and The British Open and emulate these great tournaments when we play in our own club championships. We cannot earn their winnings, but we can have the same stride walking down eighteen at our own club about to putt out for another club title. Does any of this matter?

Well all of this does really matter, because the snow has melted, the temperatures are warmer, the grass is greener, the partners and friends are back and the tournaments make it all worth waiting for another season. Aren’t you happy it’s finally here?

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