Walking vs Riding


Author: Charlie Palmer

The game of golf is a sport, an activity, a form of exercise. You may ask yourself what the benefits are of walking vs. riding?

I play golf frequently with a heart surgeon from Beth Israel Hospital in Boston, MA. He prefers walking his rounds of golf and enjoys the exercise and physical activity as well. He explained to me the following benefits of walking the golf course:

  • Physical – You burn almost twice as many calories as you would ride in a cart
  • Scoring – You shoot better scores than those who are riding in a cart
  • Social – You have a much better opportunity to interact with all of your playing partners
  • Experience – You can fully enjoy the natural beauty of the course from tee to green

A study done at the Rose Center for Health and Sports Sciences in Denver, CO., concluded that walking nine holes on a hilly course is equivalent to a walk of 2.5 miles, compared to 0.5 miles when using a cart and a golfer who walks 36 holes a week is burning nearly 3,000 calories.

Walking is the best exercise for golfers of any age since it burns calories, reduces weight, strengthens leg muscles and provides the best cardio vascular conditioning for you.

Golf carts are easy and convenient but promote laziness, less activity and in no way help maintain the environment of the golf course.

Electronic push carts are cheaper to purchase and cheaper to maintain. They also provide the golfer with a means of walking eighteen holes without having to carry their golf club bag.

The bottom line is that walking is better for the golfer, the golf course and the environment.

The heart surgeon’s final words, “walking is healthier and healthier golf means playing longer.”