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2017 SBS Tournament of Champions

2017 SBS Tournament of Champions

Top 10 picks, how did they measure up?

SBS Tourney notebookThirty two players competed at the televised SBS Tournament of Champions, hosted at the Plantation Course at Kapalua in Hawaii this past weekend. The top ten were picked before the start, how well did they do and where did they finish?

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Women’s Golf Day 2017

History was made on June 7, 2016 where thousands of women and girl’s throughout the world picked up a golf club in celebration of International Women’s Golf Day and more than 400 golf facilities in 27 countries rolled out the welcome mat and served as hosts for the inaugural Women’s Golf Day (WGD).

Women’s Golf Day is a one day event where every girl and woman have an opportunity to try golf for the first time. The Golf Day offers a fun, non-intimidating environment fore new players along side experienced golfers. Participants can either take a lesson or play 9 holes of golf.

“We were able to fulfill our mission to engage, empower, and support women and girls through golf,” said Women’s Golf Day Founder Elisa Gaudet, President of Executive Golf International.

WGD organizers are asking allied golf organizations and businesses to mark their calendars now, as the 2017 Women’s Golf Day event has been set for Tuesday, June 6.

Women's Golf Day 2017

Golf Facts: Hot Humid Air Won’t Slow Your Ball Down

Humid air won't slow your ball downWorried that humidity hampers ball flight? Think that the ball has a harder time pushing its way through dense air? If so, you’re all wet. Hot humid air actually is lighter than cold, dry air. And water vapor is lighter than dry air, so on a humid day the air is actually less dense, providing less resistance. That means a golf ball will fly farther on a humid day – but not enough that you’ll notice a difference. Our conclusion: Don’t sweat it.

Customer Review

Customer testimonials

I recently purchased a Caddy-trek and am pleased with the results so far after 3 rounds.

I usually use the follow mode for typical operation, and it works very well. Once in a while it will loose communication with the hand set, but it’s usually due to running over rough terrain (tree roots). Just pay attention to where you are walking.

If you have trust issues at certain points of the course & don’t want to risk running your cart into the lake, just unlock your wheels for pushing the cart by hand. This is done with the remote.

I looked at all the other electric caddies out there and chose this one for the freedom of walking with as little hand remote interaction as possible. I have not been disappointed and would recommend CaddyTrek for sure.

Martin- South Carolina

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