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Author: Keri Schmit

My personal PGA Show Experience & Review 
FTR Systems showcased its CaddyTrek once again at the 65th annual 2018 PGA Merchandise show in Orlando FL last month. It was my first trip and I must say, it was an experience unlike any other show I have done.
The 2018 PGA Merchandise Show is the largest golf convention and business gathering in the world – with more than 40,000 golf industry professionals from around the world and some nearly 1,100 exhibiting golf companies and brand.
The entire event took place over a four day period starting with PGA Show Demo Day held at Orange County National Golf Center and continuing at the Orange County Convention Center for PGA Show exhibits, industry presentations, education seminars and special events. This even was not open to the public.
Demo Day turned out to be the busiest and most productive day for us as manufacturers big and small made a massive circle around the driving range to unveil all the latest and greatest offerings for 2018.
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Golf Club Care: 4 simple things you need to know when it comes to caring for your golf clubs.
1. Club Cleaning: Take a few minutes and clean your clubs after each round. Otherwise the grass, dirt and other debris will stay in grooves and after time you won’t be able to clean it out. Grooves affect your ball flight (spin).
All you need is a bucket of water, a mild dishwashing detergent, an old toothbrush or other brush with soft plastic bristles, and a towel for drying. For cleaning woods just wash them with water and wipe away dirt and debris with a damp cloth. Dry immediately. It is not recommended to use a brush on woods.
2. Grip Cleaning: When your grips feel greasy and slipper, it’s time to clean them especially during the summer time when your hands sweat a lot. If your grips are getting worn out and cleaning doesn’t do the job, use fine sandpaper and clean them with it under water. This should help to regain tacky grip feeling.
3. Storage: Golf clubs should be stored indoors, in a dry, temperature-controlled space to avoid any inconvenience. When you store the clubs make sure you put on head covers! Avoid leaving your golf clubs in the trunk of a car for two reasons: you’ll be driving around with the clubs back there, possibly picking up scratches or nicks or dents and heat in the summer can harm your clubs as the epoxy in the hosel can break down over time.
4. Head Covers: Head covers are made with a reason – to protect the club head from damaging.

Conclusion: I covered 4 important things to consider when comes to club care. Hopefully now you’ll have a good sense of how to get your clubs last as long as possible.

You Spoke and We Listened…
Umbrella Holders Are on The Way! 
We have had several requests from our customers for an Umbrella Holder and we listened!
Shipment is already on the way with an estimated arrival date of March 12th.  
Keep a look out in your emails as we’ll notify you via email as soon as we get them.  
You may order yours now for just $19.95.

FTR System’s Welcomes,
Allen Schmit, to Team CaddyTrek
FTR Systems welcomes newest member to join the CaddyTrek team, Allen Schmit.  Allen has an extensive background in warehouse management and customer support in a variety of fields.  

Back-Order Sale Ends Fri., Feb. 16th
Still looking for that special Vaentines gift for that someone special in your life?  Good news, we just received new shipment of CaddyTrek’s and will be shipping next week!
You still have time to order yours at the special price of just $1395.00.  

Upcoming Events
Team CaddyTrek will be hitting the road again to participate in the largest consumer golf shows in the country with 40,000+ attendees at The Michigan Golf Show held in Novi, MI.  We’ll be there from March 8th through the 11th. We’ll post highlights in next month.

Key facts of the Overall Health of Golf 
•    Golf is a nearly $70 billion industry
•    Golf generates $3.9 billion for charitable
      causes each year
•    Golf impacts approximately 2 million American
      jobs with $55.6 billion in annual wage income
•    23.8 million Americans play 469 million rounds
      annually at the Nation’s 15,000-plus facilities