Golf Club Care: 4 simple things you need to know about caring for your golf clubs.


Author: Keri Schmit

It’s probably safe to say that all golfers are in love with their golf clubs. With that being said, then it’s probably also safe to say, not everyone takes care of them the proper way.
This article will guide you in showing you everything you need to know about golf clubs care which will help you take better care of them so you could make the best out of your game.
The most important things you need to know about caring for your golf clubs:

1. Club Cleaning – Most Important

Many of us forget or are too lazy but it only takes a few minutes. After each round of golf, take a few minutes and clean your clubs. Otherwise the grass, dirt and other debris will stay in grooves and after time you won’t be able to clean it out. Grooves affect your ball flight (spin) so you got to keep them clean.
All you need is a bucket of water, a mild dishwashing detergent, an old toothbrush or other brush with soft plastic bristles, and a towel for drying.
Don’t use a wiry brush or an abrasive cleaning agent if you want to maximize their lifetime. Especially on woods and hybrids.
For cleaning woods just wash them with water and wipe away dirt and debris with a damp cloth. Dry immediately. It is not recommended to use a brush.
If you have club rust, just sand away any minor surface rust with fine steel wool. Anything too coarse can damage the head. Finish up the job with a coat or two of furniture wax.
TIP 1: Wipe of dirt after each shot. Wipe debris of your clubs with a towel. If you don’t have a towel, get one, it’s a must have thing!
TIP 2: Also make sure to dry them after a wet (rainy) round, otherwise it’s a possibility to find some rusty spots after time.
TIP 3: It’s also good to clean your clubs once in a while with a dishwashing detergent.

2. Grip Cleaning – A Must

When your grips feel greasy and slipper, it’s time to clean them especially during the summer time when your hands sweat a lot.
You can just wash them under water and use a towel to dry. You can also use a detergent and a brush, depending on how tough the dirt is.

If your grips are getting worn out and cleaning doesn’t do the job, use fine sandpaper and clean them with it under water. This should help to regain tacky grip feeling.
Grip cleaning is important as this too can affect your game and performance. Better grip – better control.

3. Storage – Proper Way

Do you know how to properly store your golf clubs? Many golfers store them in garages, but that is not a good idea as garages have a high humidity so really isn’t a good storage place.
Golf clubs should be stored indoors, in a dry, temperature-controlled space to avoid any inconvenience.
When you store the clubs make sure you put on head covers!
Also, avoid leaving your golf clubs in the trunk of a car for two reasons: driving around with you clubs in the trunk can cause scratches, nicks or dents and heat in the summer can harm your clubs as the epoxy in the hosel can break down over time. The glue under the grip can also break down, causing the grip to slip around the shaft.

4. Head Covers – Protect

Head covers are made with a reason – to protect the club head from damaging. For some unknown reason, a lot of golfers don’t use head covers. Why? Probably because they’re just too lazy and don’t want to take it off and on for each shot.
Woods have head covers because they get damaged easily and it looks ugly if worn out. So use head covers!

Conclusion to caring for your golf clubs, properly and easily.

We covered 4 important things to consider when comes to club care. Hopefully now you’ll have a good sense of how to get your clubs to last as long as possible. That includes knowing not to use wiry brush or an abrasive cleaning agent.