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Golf TV Challenge


“The Challenge: Japan Skins” October 21, Tiger Woods of the United States, Jason Day of Australia, Rory McIlroy of Northern Ireland and Hideki Matsuyama of Japan squared off in a globally-televised skins game, the first in a series of annual competitions staged by GOLFTV. “The Challenge: Japan Skins” took place Oct. 21 ahead of the… Read more »

Sandbox Bunkers


Upgrade Your Sand Game Sand traps have always been a staple of golf; they’re a constant at every golf course ever built. Many players dread greenside bunkers because they do not know the best way to hit out of them. Their set-ups are often inconsistent, their swing paths are incorrect, and their ball position is… Read more »

PGA Tour Highlights


2018-2019 PGA Tour Season in Review November 2018 Phil Michelson beats Tiger Woods in “The Match” at Shadow Creek, Las Vegas. January 2019 Matt Kuchar forced to defend stiffing a local caddie after win at Mayakoba. February 2019 The singular swing of Ho Sung Choi makes its PGA tour debut at Pebble Beach. March 2019… Read more »



Helpful tips that can improve your game… What is putting in golf? Putting is a golf stroke used with a club called a putter when you are on or just off the green. … A wedge such as the pitching wedge is used to hit the ball on the green in a favorable position to… Read more »



Achieve Consistent Distances by Practicing Your Pitch Shot! The difference between a pitch shot and a chip shot. A “pitch shot” is a shot played with a highly lofted club that is designed to go a relatively short distance with a steep ascent and steep descent. Pitch shots are played into the green and are… Read more »



Approximately 90% of golfers struggle with golf slicing. Learn what you can do to correct your golf slice. A golf slice is a type of golf shot in which the golf ball curves dramatically in flight from left to right (for a right-handed golfer). The slice can be played intentionally, but is usually the result… Read more »



Experience Championship Golf at It’s Finest The Black Course at Bethpage Park Bethpage State Park is one of the most popular and cherished public parks in the nation. It’s also the largest government-owned golf facility in the country. The park is located in Long Island, NY and opened in 1936. The Black Course at Bethpage… Read more »

Why Use a Warm-up Routine Before Playing Golf


Why Use a Warm-up Routine Before Playing Golf? What beginner golfers need to know when it comes to See how you can play better golf with a warm-up routine A simple golf warm-up routine with not only give you better results, but it also promotes a healthy lifestyle. If you usually get off to a… Read more »


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Check out Golf Digest’s 2019 golf equipment hot list ABOUT THE 2019 HOT LIST Golf Digest’s Editor-in-Chief Jerry Tarde talks with Golf Digest equipment editors Mike Stachura and Mike Johnson about the 16th edition of the Golf Digest Hot List asking the following questions: What makes 2019 the year to buy a driver? More levels… Read more »

Marching Mode Demo


The newest model of CaddyTrek, the R2, comes with the improved function of “Marching Mode.” In addition to the original Follow Mode, the unit can now track with the player behind the cart. Follow the link for more information about the CaddyTrek R2.

2015 Masters Tournament


We are officially into the month of April and with that comes one of golf’s greatest annual events—The Masters. Who will win the right to wear the green jacket this year? Last year’s winner, Bubba Watson, racked up a four-day total of 280, winning the honor to wear the jacket and carry the title for… Read more »