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Author: Keri Schmit

Getting into the game of golf

Thanks to a new deal with NBC Sports, Toptracer will be the exclusive technology for NBC Sports’ PGA Tour telecasts and will be available on all 18 holes during every NBC Sports broadcast.

Toptracer Range has been put in at around 50 facilities since it started hitting driving ranges around the U.S. at the start of 2018. Sharpe expects that number to grow into the hundreds in the near future.

If the driving range has a covered bay area, the system uses two cameras to trace ball flights and can be used for individual practice or games such as closest to the pin and longest drive. On outdoor ranges players can view Toptracer on their cell phones or tablets and play simulated rounds on well-known courses such as Pebble Beach.

Topgolf executive chairman, Ben Sharpe

“We started as a TV-enhancement technology, but there’s a huge increase in participation and engagement having it on the driving range,” Sharpe said.

“They’re able to do what we see on TV. We will continue to roll out the Toptracer technology, because it really does enhance the playing experience.”

Sharpe believes the arcade-style games and practice enhancers provide a big opportunity to grow the game. He also believes with the immediate feedback and reward system, it’ll hook new players.

“It’s a big effort,” Sharpe said. “Huge amount of work to make sure we can map out courses digitally. There’s a lot of work required in mapping those courses to ensure accuracy. Every time there’s a new course, that’s more work, but it’s a big effort and we’re excited.”

“Getting into the game of golf, the fun way.” Sharpe said. We’re finding through technology the real solution to growing the game and keeping people playing.”

That means more Rory McIlroy high draws off the tee, more Tiger Woods stingers and more 340-yard Cameron Champ drives. It also means more Toptracer Range, which gives us a look at how the pros warm up live from the driving range.

TopTracer’s Technology

Toptracer technology is available in about 10 Topgolf venues nationwide, with plans to roll it out across the entire network.

Toptracer is great for established players who want to try and re-create different shot shapes and pull off iconic flight patterns. It’s even better for avid viewers who will soon notice a big increase in Toptracer during tournaments.

With the tech now in use across the entire course, we’ll start seeing certain players and iconic courses in an entirely new way.

Whether or not to use Toptracer on a given shot will be at the discretion of the production crew. However for the first time they’ll have the option to use it on every tee box and fairway. That means more systems in place on the ground and more time spent mapping new courses.

“With (NBC Sports’) willingness to partner with us, it’s clear they see this as a vastly important part of what they do. I think we’ll see a huge amount more than we’ve done in the past.”